Coincidence, or not?

A lot of things have been lining up lately with space X, Elon Musk, and safemoon

1.  Elon Musk is  the only thing that the Safemoon Twitter account follows that isn’t directly related to safemoon in some way. (An exchange, dev, or celebrity safemoon fan)

2.  The crew saying “ludicrous speed”  Which is an omage to the movie spaceballs…And Elon Musk’s Twitter profile picture happens to be a screenshot of the movie spaceballs during the sequence of ludicrous speed.

3. Papa said he kind of worked with elon at one point.

4. The crew saying “hoot” and using owls. (This one is kind of a long shot… but they kind of all are…)  This could be a reference to Michael Hoot, who is a software engineer at space X.

What do you think?

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