ComfyRise (A Crazy Story with Highest BNB Rewards) | Already Many BNB Automatically Received !!

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Have you heard about ComfyRise ? The token with BNBRewards, Dip-Buy and AntiWhale mechanism ? Well I did and me and a lot of people aped in on the presale that sold out just in 2 minutes. Their hardcap was 600 and it filled organically. Not like those there that are filled by bots in 10 seconds ! And it was hyped as well because liquidity locked forever and it has a good project roadmap with its own locker.


Since the beginning, the dev and team were so transparent and frank. Mainly the website []( caught all of our eyes. It had fantastic graphics with extraordinary tokenomics that really blown me away ! So the day came, launch was postponed to 24 hours by community poll with a whooping 200+ votes. I was so excited. Launch momentum was crazy as hell, people on VC and chat were bombarding with excitement but after launch began the most awkward situation ever ! The coin was working just like a normal pump and dump coin and people started dm’ing the devs that no transaction fee was there ! All hell broke loose, the dev’s were trying to resolve the issue and things went out of control. Man for a moment, am I again going to face another rugpull just infront of me like this !! So did everyone else !! It was a messy situation. Dev’s were not on either Chat or VC other than saying please wait that looked like a television channel was loading ! We were all shattered that this was another hype rugpull that we have to get past but NO !!!!


Then came the crazy plot-twist ! Dev’s came back on VC and Chat and were very transparent about it and can be also seen on the contract itself that although transaction fee was set to 30% as anti-whale on launch but deploying on DxSale it had to be removed to 0% fees and after the launch, the Trx Fee was not reverting back to its normal or antiwhale fees. It was a hardcoded glitch on the code that wasn’t found earlier in testnet/mainnet.


So the contract was redeployed with LP out of their own pocket as liquidity was locked forever on DxSale, previous owners like me are either getting airdropped or compensated in BNB now. Finally all the fuds stopped, people started cheering for the Dev’s and the journey of a crazy disaster became a very good supportive community with really nice dev’s, team members and trustworthy people who you find very less in the DeFi space now !


But this is what gets even crazy ! I hope the dev’s did not realise this but as they started the Liquidity Pool with a low MCAP, buyers are getting rewarded much more BNB than any other coins. I don’t want to name, but I have had seen BNB reward coins giving me highest pay of 0.5 even after holding for many many days. But this COMFYRISE is a true GEM ! During only the first few transactions and two hours later I automatically received 1.5 BNB on my wallet !


DYOR but I would definitely suggest checking out the []( and join the community earning highest BNB rewards on DeFi !


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