Commodities vs. Assets—BitCoin as computational commodity

**What are commodities?**

Oil is an asset; a barrel of oil is a commodity. A silver spoon, a silver ore nugget, and the Queen’s silver crown are silver assets; the Roman denarius, the Spanish “pieces of 8” coins, and the American silver dollar are commodities. When you slaughter a cow on your yard to slice up and have your family eat it for sustenance, that’s an asset. When the USDA grades a huge slab of beef “Prime” in a Chicago meat-packing plant, it’s using a fat-marbling PROTOCOL to create a commodity. Commodities are supposed to be interchangeable for a reason: efficiency.

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  1. I don’t agree with this. Bitcoin was intended to be used as cash, to be transacted back and forth. Instead it has failed to scale to meet the needs of the world, so instead it got rebranded as “digital gold” or whatever.

Well guys, I’ve held Monero since 2015, I feel so guilty but due to covid in my country, I have to sell.

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