Confused about everything

Soooo guys ! Hey I’m new 😉 (well I know Crypto when it was still a currency on the dark web, but I’m new in investing in it )

Sooo I got a couple of questions, I bought eth and btc on the Binance app. I’m holding it there! But people say it bad and suggesting that I need to transfer it to trust wallet. My question is : can I sell it on my trust wallet? Or do I need transfer it back to binance to sell and get it to usd ?

And a other thing, I’m looking into the earn/savings option of Binance (earn passive income) can I do that when my crypto is in the trust wallet? What do you suggest of doing

Thanks for your feedback guys !

What do you think?

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  1. You can’t sell your cryptos directly with your wallet, you need to transfer them to a platform that allows you to do that. You can also use a decentralized exchange (DEX) if you wanna trade your BTC or ETH to another crypto without using Binance.

    Same for the savings option, you can’t do that without letting your crypto on Binance or any other platform that allows it. That is pretty logical, exchanges make money thanks to your saved cryptos, and let you take a little part of these profits.

    There are two types of wallet : hot wallets like MetaMask that stays on your computer and can still be hacked (but useful to have your crypto available everywhere), and cold wallet like Ledger (USB key) or CoolWallet (card) that stays offline. Don’t really useful if you only have a small amount of crypto to protect though.

  2. Good move brother……it’s a good thing when you go ‘hey, I’ve been using these bitcoins for 7 years, just for honest nefarious self, why not keep a few ETH and BTC’. Lol, especially when have become something other the DN coin (for some). There are some wallets you can sell or exchange coins on. Have a peruse
    All the best ✌️

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