Connection Loop when Using MetaMask Bridge

I have a Nano S, all firmware and apps are up to date. Using latest version of metamask on brave (have also tried crome). Have the ledger live option on.

When I try to connect my ledger to metamask, I get the pop up that takes me to the ledger live app. App asks me to connect the ledger even though its already connected. I back out of the ETH app on the ledger, and get a pop up on the ledger asking me to approve opening the ETH app. I do so, app says connecting, then goes back to the please connect your ledger message…I have contracts turned on, have tried toggling it on and off, ran ledger live in administrator mode, tried in chrome, etc. nothing works.

I am able to connect to ledger live with my nano s just on its own with no issues. I think this is a ledger live bridge issue. I am at a loss here. Any help on how to get the metamask connection to work would be appreciated.

What do you think?

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