CreamPYE ($PYE) – From the creators of MiniDoge: 21,500 holders strong. All devs showed faces. Real technology launching soon. This may be your last chance.

CreamPYE is backed by a multimillionaire team of highly experienced developers, entrepreneurs, and marketers with decades of experience. They are providing a real-use case application which is a variety of platforms that are easily integrated and user friendly. Imagine the Apple of crypto. They will absolutely become a top 10 token and have the firepower in house to make it happen. They are using their platform not only to change the crypto industry forever, but also emphasize a cornerstone belief in charitable contributions. Only 1 month into its existence, Creampye has already donated nearly $390k to charitable organizations, proof posted on YouTube. This team, community, and technology is becoming the front runner for the crypto world over the next few years. They are not just here to take part, **they are here to take over.**


• The entire team of 15+ members showed faces and listed business address publicly.

**•** **Actual use case** CEX/DEX hybrid exchange which will focus highly on customer service and experience (much needed before the masses can adopt in to new crypto). Augmented reality, NFT marketplace, PYE Charts. $450k charity donations already made. Very extensive roadmap.

• Officially listed on ProBit and WhiteBit. Huge marketing push on their platforms coming next, including a PYE trading competition.

• Team has over 15+ years of experience building businesses. Creampye team has done marketing campaigns over **$100m USD** in past projects

• Relatively small Marketcap (15m).

• You are early – Project is 30 days old and growing exponentially. <3,000 reddit members. <22,000 holders. Might be your last chance to be “early”

• Tokenomics pay out 5% **Passive income** for holders! 4.9% put into liquidity. 0.1% into a charity wallet.

• The team has built a variety of very successful businesses already. These are not kids in their parents’ basement. They are legitimate business moguls running a full-on operation.

• Hacken audit has been passed (received a score of 100%) and the whitepaper has been published.

**Who Runs Creampye?** If you hang around this world of crypto long enough, unfortunately you may run into some teams that you cannot trust. I invite you to look at the pinned tweet on Creampye’s Twitter (@creampyetoken). The entire team of 15+ members has shown faces, they each have a mini biography on the website, and there is a business address listed publicly. See for yourself.

**What Is Creampye?** Creampye (Pye) is a new token focused on creating new technology in the world of crypto and simplifying the process for mass adoption. They are working on a new exchange, Pyeswap, that will become the industry standard for purchasing crypto. This exchange will make crypto far easier to buy than it ever has before. Not only that, much of the focus will be on a simplified, friendly user experience that makes it easy for any average Joe to purchase crypto. This is desperately needed before the masses can enter the market. It is almost impossible to teach a newcomer to the world of crypto the multi step process of acquiring BNB, using pancakeswap, and storing tokens in a wallet. PYE is going to change this by making it easier to purchase all crypto currencies and we will be focusing on customer service and experience. They are also launching PYEcharts in a few weeks, an NFT marketplace, and have just passed a completed audit with flying colors (Audit done by Hacken).

**Charity** CreamPYE was created in order to make a difference. The token has included that 0.1% of all transactions are sent to a charity wallet. The team has made due on this already by donating not one, not two, but three donations totaling $390k only one month into its existence! The team behind CreamPYE has been involved with numerous charities from business ventures in the past. They have donated millions of dollars to various charities and it is a core component of the team values. Here at Creampye, we are proving that the world of crypto can make a positive impact on the world through our charity donations.

**The Entry Point. You are early.** PYE’s goal is to become a top 10 token. We have the community, the experience, and the tech to back that goal. We were consolidating for the past few weeks and I have been posting about how it may have been the last time we saw those prices. We all believe in the project being the future of crypto. When we achieve our goal of becoming a top 10 token, that is over a 1000x gain from here. The holders, the community, and the exposure are growing exponentially. We have had YouTube posts and mentions from some of the biggest names in the game, including Torin Hoffman, Conor Kenny, and Alexandrus 1337. Just last week PYE was mentioned on the Pardon My Take podcast, which pulls in 1.5 million daily listeners. The CEO is good friends with business mogul Gary Vee (video of them hanging out posted in telegram), and former Miami Heat player Damian Jones recently retweeted Creampye. These are many exciting developments in the early days of PYE.

**In conclusion** I have only given a brief overview here, but I invite you to do more research yourself. We are blazing our own trail in the world of crypto that will give investors access to an entirely new, user friendly ecosystem of programs. Many will try to replicate what we are creating for decades to come. Creampye is a results oriented, relentless, and highly experienced team. The last piece of the puzzle is more eyes on the project. You can see that we are listed on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, ProBit, and WhiteBit. Soft dates have been given for more exchange listings, and big news is happening every single day. Do your own research and if you decide to join the Pye fam, buckle up, its going to be a crazy ride!

**Where to buy?**

-Ticker is PYE

-Website: [](

-Telegram Group: [](

-Twitter: [](

-Reddit: [](

-Discord: [](

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  1. I just want to know how to have good security. I’ve been doing crypto for a while with Binanace and Coinbase and I have never had a problem until a couple of days ago. I got a meta wallet from the io website, I transfered 1k of ether into it. I was using uni to swap the Ether to AA and my meta wallet crashed. When I put the words back into it to get it up the Ether was gone, transferred out of the wallet. I read online that hackers can get into your wallet when you put the meta tag on it. Can someone please show me a link to an expert in security for crypto so this will not happen again. Hell even a former coinbase employee lost about 400k worth of coin with Coinbase and there is nothing they can do. I like crypto I just want to be really secure. That would suck to make a few million from this coin just for it to be stolen. It happens all the time now.

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