Crescendo BSC Just Launched Revolutionary BSC Token with BUSD dividends! $13k Market Cap—Major Promotions and Marketing Starting Today!

📣Crescendo BSC ($LOUDER) 📣

Second day since the launch and currently sitting at a $13k market cap! A major Twitter partnership is in the works with someone who has millions of followers! Poocoin ads launching today, as well as a ton of other marketing, so if you’re looking for a solid project with 10x plus potential in the very near term, this is the one!

Crescendo BSC is a Revolutionary charity token on the Binance Smart Chain! We aim to provide critical support to after school programs through donations!

CRESCENDO is a charity and dividend token designed to reward holders for engagement with its community, as well as enabling them to support after school music programs to help at-risk teens develop life skills through music.

CRESCENDO was started by Coach K – an educator himself – who after many BSC investments developed trust within his community and decided to utilize that
rapport to help at-risk teens. CRESCENDO is also one of the first (if not the first) tokens to utilize “burned” marketing and charity wallets that will collect dividends. These wallets can allow funds for marketing and charity to be accumulated, without having to sell the native token to access them. In addition, tokens typically choose to provide dividend rewards OR charity donations, but CRESCENDO
feels that the added dividend component will lead to a greater level of engagement, which will in turn help to meet its mission more effectively.

Our Goals:

1) Establish proper governance and funds management along a more transparent allocation model, so holders could see where tokens will be flowing.

2) Allow for separate marketing and charity wallets so holders could see the allocation and
balances of these token pools more easily.

3) Provide hourly dividends in BUSD to all holders CRESCENDO is based on open source software. It is 100% community driven. It is based on decentralized technology. All Founders, Developers, Moderators and Community Members are unpaid volunteers who share the belief that working together to make the world a safer and better place is a noble goal worth pursuing

The Revolutionary Concept:

Rather than having a “burn”, we will send percentages of the total supply to our marketing and charity wallets. These wallets will be restricted from selling, but will earn dividends that we will use as our marketing and charity funds. This concept hasn’t been used before, but provides an exceptional and effective way to effectively implement a burn, while keeping the benefit of a marketing and charity wallet!

Marketing Wallet – 0xB0b51c98A08B0D0f39c771e870f4De472195CAD9

Charity Wallet – 0x88443857d944Ef81E3f6369851EE8Ba56661Aa99

Useful Links:




Ca: 0x67bffbc9f9707b24dcf355469bf77eebe581cb48

Liquidity lock link is available within the Telegram! Join our awesome community in getting $LOUDER and assisting at-risk teens through music.

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