$CRSR 🎮 – Round 2 TA. Nice set-up for the next bounce-up 🚀

Just took a new long position on CRSR, added 650 new shares. Set-up looks primed for lift-off again. Consolidation around $29.50 support. Wedge forming. MACD and Eliot Waves showing reversal is in play as well.




Looking at financials, the company is a solid value buy. With P/E 19.10 and the MRQ Enterprise value (3.5B) below the market cap (2.7B). For you smooth brains out there, it means that based on the most recent filings, the value that is on the books for the company, is more than what the market is pricing them at. With a solid revenue stream, huge cash store on hand, and low short term debt, financials look amazing. Meaning… Market is irrationally pricing this, there is value in the company to be unlocked, stock will eventually move up to meet/exceed the enterprise value.


**TL;DR Amazing company and solid financials. MRQ Enterprise Value > Market Cap (value opportunity). Wedge forming again. TA looking solid for this company.**

What do you think?

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  1. >Wedge forming.

    That’s the most saggy ass, raggedy wedge I’ve seen in a while. You could’ve picked literally any dip in the last couple months and said “wEGde FOrMinG”.

    Otherwise, nice dd. Bullish AF. Send these autists to the moon.

  2. Can you assholes stop? some web retard said the same thing about support at 30 yesterday. Please stick with meming one of your three hundred shitty stocks and leave normal stocks like CRSR, AMD, AAPL etc alone.

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