Cryptopia continues to steal cryptocurrencies even after it was closed

Cybercriminals continue to steal from users of the Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange. The only snag is that it has not been working since 2019 and is undergoing a liquidation process, and clients are waiting for the return of the assets that remained after the hacker attack.

According to Stuff , on February 1, Stakenet received a notification to withdraw 62,000 New Zealand dollars (45,000 US dollars) in XSN tokens from a cold wallet. The wallet, which contained about $ 2 million in total, has not been used since the Cryptopia hack in January 2019.

“We were not previously notified of any planned moves, so naturally we contacted the liquidator Grant Thornton, who should control these assets and be responsible for their distribution to the rightful owners,” Stakenet said.

In a response letter, Grant Thornton stated that it is investigating, as the transaction was not really authorized by the liquidator. Presumably, she has already reported the incident to the police.

Stakenet says the 2019 hacker attack did not affect its assets, so it was hoping to receive the full amount. “If this unauthorized transaction took place under the supervision of Grant Thornton, they must explain to users why they could not protect the assets as they should have, and how someone was able to access them,” the company added.

Earlier, Grant Thornton opened a claim process from Cryptopia’s creditors for refunds.

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