CryptoZombies has come to a fork in the road (+Surprise Rewards 🎉) | by dilanka | Loom Network

In just 6 months of launch, CryptoZombies has helped over 135,242+ developers master Solidity and Ethereum smart contracts.

…and now, it’s time for your Zombies to evolve — INTO Blockchain Zombies.

That’s right.

Since every evolution depends on change, I brought some exciting news JUST FOR YOU…

As in, I am going to reveal some surprise rewards for being a loyal early adopter.

That means YOU will now get the chance to earn some serious perks for your efforts on CryptoZombies.

Please, contain your excitement for your own safety.

It’s our way of saying “Thank You”.

But, you’ll still have to do some work to earn it 😎

Matter of fact — You’ll have until ̶A̶p̶r̶i̶l̶ ̶6̶t̶h̶ April 20th 2018 @ 12:00:00 UTC to earn these insane perks, so be sure to read this entire post to find out how.

Update: We’ve postponed the deadline to April 20th at the same time to account for delays in translating Lesson 6. So you have an extra week to claim your rewards!

Before we get to that…

When we originally started CryptoZombies late last year, there weren’t many educational resources for upcoming blockchain developers.

So we decided to take it upon ourselves to create a kick-ass, interactive “code school” for learning Solidity and Ethereum Smart Contracts.

The idea was simple: Get beginners to master Solidity development in a fun, interactive manner where they code their own zombie game.

Since then, it has been such a hit that………

CryptoZombies is now the World’s Most Trusted “code school” for learning Solidity and Ethereum Smart Contracts.

HOW…you ask?

As you know, we already launched the world’s FIRST DAppChain app called DelegateCall recently. *(What is a DAppChain?)

DelegateCall is meant to be a fully operational implementation of our technology.

DelegateCall is running smoothly on its own DAppChain because of the Loom SDKwhich does all the heavy lifting for developers that are building the next generation of fully scalable DApps on dedicated DAppChains.

In the future, we are expecting THOUSANDS of decentralized DApps to be running on Loom DAppChains.

The reasons for hard forking CryptoZombies are threefold:

  1. It demonstrates that the Loom SDK can be used to store all sorts of data (like: game play states, character data, lesson progress, etc) on scalable DAppChains.

That’s right.

If you are one of our loyal, hardworking, early adopter students (i.e: original gangsters) — you have the chance to earn some serious rewards and perks.

You earned it.

The rewards and perks will be given in TWO separate tiers:

  1. Those who have finished SOME, but NOT all lessons on CryptoZombies by ̶A̶p̶r̶i̶l̶ ̶6̶t̶h̶ April 20th 2018 at 12:00:00 UTC.

So, WTF does that mean?

In other words, if you are an existing CryptoZombies student (and haven’t finished all the lessons by ̶A̶p̶r̶i̶l̶ ̶6̶t̶h̶ April 20th 2018), you will STILL (automatically) get the following rewards:

  1. 1 x LOOM Token (Regular Loom Membership)

Again, rewards will be automatically credited to your CryptoZombies account, you don’t have to “do anything” to get them.

Plus — Much like Santa Claus, we KNOW if you’ve actually finished the lessons or not 😉

So, no cheating.

But, if you are AMBITIOUS, you can….

Now, if you are super dedicated and have worked very hard to finish ALL 6 LESSONS on CryptoZombies, we want to acknowledge that.

Let’s take a moment to respect all the hustlers staying up all night studying Solidity on CryptoZombies

Some of you are drinking obscene amounts of caffeine and other questionable substances to trick your body into not sleeping so you could finish lessons on CryptoZombies.

Kudos 🙇

We don’t recommend putting your health at risk, but we do respect the hustle.

…and to show our respect, if you finish ALL 6 LESSONS of CryptoZombies by ̶A̶p̶r̶i̶l̶ ̶6̶t̶h̶April 20th 2018 (12:00:00 UTC), you’ll be rewarded with additional perks.

If you finish ALL 6 Lessons by the deadline, you’ll be getting:

  1. 10 x LOOM Tokens (Developer tier Loom Membership)

If you have finished ALL lessons are are just waiting for Lesson 6, RELAXCryptoZombies Lesson 6 will be out before the ̶A̶p̶r̶i̶l̶ ̶6̶t̶h̶April 20th Deadline.

Remember, the reward cutoff date is ̶A̶p̶r̶i̶l̶ ̶6̶t̶h̶April 20th, 12:00:00 UTC — and you MUST COMPLETE ALL 6 Lessons on CryptoZombies to qualify for the additional perks.

  1. We already released our first DAppChain App (called DelegateCall), and we are hard-forking the world-famous into its own DAppChain.

Good luck! Cryptozombies are waiting.

What do you think?

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