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Hello! Welcome to our daily discussion thread.

Discuss anything related to Ripple, XRP, and Flare.


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In addition, we support international communities; we currently have channels for Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Turkish speaking members and we’ll add more as we go.


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  1. Just got banned because i told the chat that a youtuber was streaming live, not sharing the court call where anyone could hear it, but kinda telling people what was generally was being said, which is not streaming the call…. Would like to be unbanned in the discord since i constantly use the TA chat as an analysist, and contribute constantly.

  2. Prior to the SEC news I mostly only held xrp, but since that bomb I started to diversify. Seeing all other coins grow bigger and bigger in % of my portfolio is bitter sweet, considering the awesome project and xrp community. I seriously hope for all us xrp fans that we will see some melt facing gains in the coming weeks

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