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  1. Is someone else’s coinmarketcap App also bugged? Completely wrong market cap for each token and different prices than other sites (btc 55k on cmc and 58k on other websites)


    World Bank testing XRPL, they ran Interledger nodes

    In other news casino coin migrated to XRPL an you can add the asset in your xumm wallet. 15 new exchange listings coming. With the CSC gambling games Xapp coming soon.

    Also NFT ecosystem is coming along on XRPL new NFT standards proposed

    NFT XRPL UI design

  3. I bought BAT and ADA about a year ago as an excuse to use up the change I had left in my exchange account from buying XRP and look at it go… BAT up nearly 600% from when I bought it and ADA 450%

    This XRP wait had better be worth it 😅

  4. Prepare yourselves for a new level of FUD if the SEC gets to see the financial statements of Chris and Brad. Just imagine the FUD if they at any point sold, say 5%, to buy BTC or any other coin. I bet the SEC won’t mention the %, but only the number of coins.

  5. There’s a natural mystic
    Blowing through the air
    If you listen carefully now you will hear
    This could be the first trumpet
    Might as well be the last
    Many more 🧻🙌 will have to suffer
    Many more 🧻🙌 will have to die
    Don’t ask me why

Use Case of Atomic Swaps

SUPERDOGE 🦸is a small cap gem getting ready to explode! 🚀