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  1. I had a dream last night that XRP reached $21 CAD. For some reason though I had to go into the mall into the food court to cash out my XERPS. Then the Karen at the cast register looked at me super pissy like “I don’t have change for $750K”. She asked me how in the hell I had so much money and I told her to invest in BTC, because I assumed she didn’t know what XRP was nor did I care to explain it. I woke up super excited and then checked my crypto app but XRP was still the same.

    Still it was a nice dream just wanted to share my insanity

  2. The SEC is getting its o ring blown out by ripples lawyers. Not to take away credit from Ripples legal team, but the case was so garbage to begin with, it’s not surprising they are getting torn to pieces in the courtroom. It’s like watching a 10 foot giant fall flat on it’s face,

    I’m assuming at some point they will cut their losses to avoid a straight up L, but who knows, it’s the government so the buffoons behind the desks may rather just go down swinging even if they miss every punch.

    Jay Clayton can blow me, the SEC can blow me, everyone in that debochery can ask me how I like my steak cooked and watch my 8 or better flip up the scissor doors in my two seater. Flare trading at $1.28 on bit true, my vet that I put half my holdings into has 14x’d and it’s looking real tasty to say the least.

    Yeah, I’m burnt out, I got addicted to adderall, threw away relationship opportunities, told friends to call me January 1st of next year, drove myself absolutely mad working so much to the point it’s hard to even truly appreciate the gains right now. It honestly feels like I’m some parallel universe I went all in and put 2 years worth of 70 hour weeks into all this and drained my bank accounts, riding the razors edge with just enough to pay bills. I was crazy, I was obsessed, but I knew the opportunity and my mind wouldn’t let me give anything else than 120 percent. The only easy day was yesterday barely does it justice.

    I think I’m actually going crazy at this point, but it’s looking like it’s going to be worth it. I’m 22, haven’t gotten any ass in years, not because I can’t get it, but because my mind was so focused on the grind I literally blew off 8’s or better like they were irrelevant. It honestly created a void, but I guess sacrifices had to be made.

    Once we surpass ATH I’ll cash out enough to take a leisurely two week vacation to Zurich, the first, and the second round of drinks is on me fellas

  3. I think BTC is in a bubble. My stepbrother was just asking about it after telling him to get into cryptocurrencies for 2 years. Warning him he might be buying the top of a cycle. Let’s see how the next few weeks play out.

    If alt season comes, I might prepare to sell a portion XRP to makeup for some initial investments into it but I need it to reach somewhere around the $4.50 range. Fingers crossed.

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