Daily Discussion Thread for August 18, 2021

Your daily trading discussion thread. Please keep the shitposting to a minimum.

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  1. Alright guys, KR has gotta fall right? Regression to the mean as the Warren buffet effect wears off. My puts need this to happen.

    Economics too, KR has super low margins and inflation is bad for low margin businesses who are unable to easily raise prices….I see a 2-3 dollar drop coming no later than 9/10 earnings.

  2. How screwed am I guys? be honest D: MU was going up steady, I was up steady profit of about 600 bucks today. I did not sell and well, crash.

    107call contracts @ .19 average for 8/20 expiration date strike 73.


    was fine, in green, then BOOOOM TANK. it says im about 35% down at the moment. from .19 to .13


    price was 71.10 when I bought them, now the price is now 69.50 after hours, but I am thinking of trying to break even on morning with high IV if there is any going for it.


    2 grand invested in that purchase. YOLO! like

  3. Idk if this is significant for atvi/blizzard but from what I can tell WoW is dying out and a huge amount of people are moving to FFXIV.

    Dunno how much revenue WoW really generated for them the last few years anyway though. Might not be much relative to other IPs.

    Edit: I don’t play either game, this is my observation of various conversations, articles, Reddit posts/comments etc.

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