Daily Discussion Thread for July 16, 2021

Your daily trading discussion thread. Please keep the shitposting to a minimum.

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  1. The take-home lesson for the past few months is retail can’t win against institutional. Apes are getting targeted left and right by wall street firms, and are bleeding so much even after holding shares of good value plays.

    Some good stocks drop even more than before they become a meme stock (e.g., CRSR, SOFI).

    The problem with US stock market is it is so rigged that the huge profit is always left to grab for institutional players and rich people only. Either you hold your -50% shares and -80% leaps for a potential rebound (which may not happen), or sell at a loss and see the stocks fly a few months later.

  2. the Dodge Ram is unequivocally the worst car ever designed. who in their right mind goes into a car dealership and thinks “yeah, this baby right here, this is the depreciating asset I want, the Dodge Ram” no amount of commercial marketing will ever convince me that buying the Dodge Ram is the correct choice for a car.

  3. All jokes aside.

    10k into WISH $15 December 2022 calls.

    Can anyone think of a reason why these wouldn’t print in 17 months?

    Deltas are high as fuck and the cost is so low. Would really like some negative responses, not some retarded “cant go tits up”

  4. WSB in 2014 10K users, $20k is a big yolo. WSB in 2021 10M users, $1M is a big yolo.

    Average return of a WSB user over 7 years. Rolling $3,000 tax credit for N years subscribed + 7 years

  5. I think we see all green on Monday. Same type of sell off happened June 18th when options were expiring. Big option expiration day today. Big green hulk dildo Monday morning, just my 2 cents

  6. I don’t know how, but this all seem to be Obama’s. I’m not sure how but I have 2.5 days to listen to Fox News to tell me how it makes sense…

    Edit: wrong thread

  7. Been sticking with daytrading SGOC in these trying times and it has been both cruel and kind to me. Bounces around like a roller coaster everyday and Fucking ripping in after hours right now.

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