Daily General Discussion – April 16, 2021

**Welcome to the Daily ~~General~~ Party Train 🚂 Discussion on Ethfinance**

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This sub is for financial and tech talk about Ethereum (ETH) and (ERC-20) tokens running on Ethereum.

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  1. If you’re thinking about trying that new Influence ETH game that just launched, just an FYI since I caved and tried it with these gas prices.

    Expect to pay $75-90 **in fees** to acquire an asteroid and another $20-25 to do a “surface scan”, plus $40-50 to “finalize” the scan. This isn’t a great time to be playing games on ETH even if most of the interaction is going to be on L2 later. That’s a steep price of entry for just funsies

  2. Bnb

    Edit: LOL oh my god no! I did not mean to write this comment (classic mobile) – I do not and never will own any Binance crap nor do I use binance to hold my ETH

  3. I hope I’m wrong, but these market conditions are definitely making me think things might be reaching a mini-peak until later in the year (e.g. July for you-know-what) Yeah, Eth isn’t anywhere close to where it should be right now, but obviously the market doesn’t see that yet, and nothing looks weaker to me than a bunch of uninformed investors chasing each others’ bags.

    Alternately, people still have way more money to burn and eventually they will tire of losing their shirts on P&Ds but not quit the market, and instead start doing more research… But having observed the average crypto investor during this and the previous bull cycle, I think that’s asking for a whole heck of a lot lol.

    More likely all but the lucky ones will quit, and the whales who were eating their lunch will rotate back into Eth/Btc, so I guess that could be a good thing for us.

    Ultimately, who knows? Just rambling here.

  4. This market is ridiculous. Nano just doubled in price within an hour.

    Edit: looks like it’s $16.50 on OKex but less than $12 on most other exchanges. Arbitrage if you have an account on OKex

  5. The biggest surprise this week was seeing the shitcoin pairs I yeeted into some 5-figure yield farms actually start making money

    I was told that wasn’t supposed to happen

  6. Maybe a good time on a Friday night to thank all the r/ethfinance ‘ Ers who kept my head up for 3 years. You all gave me a reason to hope. Made me realize that I wasn’t alone in my crazy belief in ETH.

    Crypto is going to be one of the major storylines of my life and a lot of our lives. Much love.

  7. Just an FYI for others like me that may not have heard. I found out that anyone that has used the Reflexer protocol to open a vault and mint RAI was given an airdrop of FLX governance tokens recently. I wish I had been paying closer attention to it because it’s already dropped from a high of $1600 per FLX down to around $980. I have not really done any research to determine whether or not I should hold the tokens for the long term like UNI or trade into ETH.

    Edit: Just to clarify, thanks to the comment below from u/Stobie I guess you specifically had to hold debt for at least 7 consecutive days to qualify for the FLX tokens.

  8. Kind of get a feeling this year we’ll see a bubble which rivals the dotcom bubble. There’s way too much retail money now compared to even 2018 with unprecedented money printing, people having made bank on stocks last year and extremely easy onramps.

    We literally have a cult status billionaire ceo pumping literal meme coin. All this while institutions are also announcing btc / eth buys and fomoing one after another. Hold tight!

  9. I’ve been hodling since 2016. I went deep into the rabbit hole and ended up quitting my day job to work on Ethereum centric projects. This past December I stuck with my original plan of staking and put a majority share into validators, with a small percentage left over to sell in case of a bull run. I just sold some of that stack for the first time since 2016 to pay off some life goals.

    Thank you Ethereum, the developers, and this new emerging platform and industry. There’s no doubt in my mind we’re going to disrupt just about every industry out there. And we’re going well beyond $10k.

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