Daily General Discussion – April 19, 2021

**Welcome to the Daily ~~General~~ Party Train 🚂 Discussion on Ethfinance**

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This sub is for financial and tech talk about Ethereum (ETH) and (ERC-20) tokens running on Ethereum.

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  1. I’ve checked the price a hundred times today, there was nothing going on. And now when I’m just about to go to sleep we’ve suddenly got gentlemen? How am I supposed to sleep now?

  2. Any else having issues trading on Kraken right now? It is saying insufficient funds when placing a market order when I have plenty of USD on hand. Not a margin order either.

  3. Thoughts on LQTY? It’s another attempt at a solely ETH backed algorithmic stablecoin, so I figure comparing LUSD/RAI and LQTY/FLX is a good start.


    |Token|Marketcap|Collateral|Min. collateralization ratio|Interest/fees|Liquidity|Notes|
    |RAI|86,099,297|ETH|145%|2% interest (stability fee)|[74.5MM on Uniswap V2](|Non-dollar pegged, price dictated by demand. Currently targeting **3.0155 USD**|
    |LUSD|1,213,734,306|ETH|110%|200 LUSD bond + one-off borrow fee of 0.5-5% of value borrowed, based on the [baseRate](|[102MM on Uniswap V2](|Dollar-pegged.|


    |Token|Price ($)|Marketcap ($)|Circulating supply|TVL of protocol|Distribution method|Governance rights|Value capture mechanism|Risks|
    |FLX|762.51|33,943,027|45,053 / 1,000,00|2.3B|Distributed to RAI minters and Uniswap V2 RAI/ETH LP providers|Yes|RAI stability fee|Can be minted and sold as a backstop, similar to MKR|
    |LQTY|27.31|34,767,110|1,195,667 / 100,000,000|269MM|Depositing LUSD into the [Stability Pool](, or facilitating Stability Pool deposits through your [frontend](, or providing liquidity to the LUSD:ETH Uniswap pool.|No|Staking LQTY to earn borrow/redemption fees.|???|

    *there may be some skimmed over, if not straight up inaccurate info in there, so feel free to point anything out.

    What pops out to me is the TVL/marketcap ratio difference and the risks. I feel like I’m missing something…

  4. It’s important to remember that it’s all about the tech in the long term. In the short term, people can be influenced by hype and speculation, but in the long term, you’ve got to have a great product. In the case of Ethereum, it’s got the tech going for it.

  5. Some of you might have seen my comment yesterday were, fed up with memecoin fest I decided to throw a blind dart.

    Well, I researched the shithole that is crypto twitter looking for the stupidest memecoin with the lowest market cap and the loudest shills I could find and threw .03 ETH at it

    24 hrs later I’m up 370%

    Imma let this one ride just for the lols, but seriously, wtf?

    Are people really this stupid? Believe me, I bought the ponziest coin I found, absolutelly no use case, no project, no devs, literally “we’ll be the next DOGE, just buy”


  6. What crypto exchange do you guys prefer for charts on tradingview? Longest history and reliability. I’ve always used binance since largest trade volume but binance reliability is bad.

  7. someone mentioned earlier, about providing liquidity in pools (uniswap) and i wanted to get clarity.. If i put in two coins in a pool and yield farm (putting LP in another place) will i still get transaction fees or do the fees go to the yield farm protocol i put it in and i only get the yield farm tokens?

  8. I was kind of mad I sold Doge too early yesterday, but immediately took advantage of this dip to get that cheap ETH.

    It’s funny how emotional so many are right now. If you zoom out, it’s still been good — and will still be better.

    I can’t imagine selling at a loss right now if you entered in the $2.3+K range. It’ll be the summer of ETH.

  9. A few months back a made a sell plan. I knew it would take all the power in me to stick to it. We’re not even half way to my first target and my sell plan is already being full-on assaulted. Who was I kidding? I’m destined to ride this bitch to the top and all the way down again

  10. Jeez this price action is starting to annoy me. I asked for a dip but now getting killed on some of my paper profits on other coins. This is what I deserve for trading some of my precious eth 😢

  11. The reason I’m still bullish on crypto is the same reason I’m bullish on the super cycle. It’s still early. The industry is still building out the infrastructure and the regulatory systems necessary for it to mature.

  12. **Future of crypto market?**

    Guys I have recently been noticing that Elion Musk’s constant backing of dogecoin is making people believe that cryptocurrency is one big joke./ I have friends who are into this market just because they think dogecoin’s pump and dump is fun and they are looking for quick money. No one technically cares about how well any particular currency is implemented. My question is now where are we heading. All these shitcoins gonna benefit crypto market or they are in fact harming it’s seriousness? What are your thoughts on it

  13. If y’all could WSB in this bitch and stop fuckin selling we can get back to business and the future going up up up

    Have faith, the lack thereof will only hurt your pocket. Real 2016/17 OGs aren’t stressing and inline with the “NOT FUCKING SELLING” of that sub that barely lets us speak there. I’m in line with the mantra despite (currently): fuck those guys. There was that one glimmer of hope from a mod but so far hasn’t proved to be more than manipulation or taking advantage of the current situation to play DOGE for he/she/their’s benefit. The sheep fell for DOGE and that’s where funds leaving BTC and ETH headed this morning with DOGE back at 0.38 USD when I was looking

  14. When withdrawals are enables for validators, will we be able to pull just the rewards out whenever? Or do you have to withdraw the entire balance and the restate 32?

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