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  1. xToken is planning on launching a lending platform that allows you to earn money for staking assets like AAVE and KNC while still using them as collateral for borrowing. Conceptually it’s like alchemix letting you make money off your collateral in the DAI yearn vault while using that asset to generate a loan. Imagine if all the assets sitting in the MKR CDP’s was voting according to your directives and earning yield while you could also use it to mint DAI. It sounds good to me!

  2. I only speculated on the ratio a few times, years ago, and even then I got burnt. I drew the lesson that it is hard enough to leverage the price of one crazy volatile magic bean in USD for more eth, trying to do that successfully with the relative price of one bean measured in another is beyond my ken. But boy o boy am I really tempted to open a small ratio long now. There has never been any resistence between 0.04 and 0.045. Ever.

  3. It’s so hard not to FOMO back into ETH after selling some coins a few days ago. It’s done exceedingly well compared to BTC, and the rally after 0.04 broke was hard to resist.

    But, BTC’s chart and technicals look like it’s still on the edge of shitting the bed. And we know once he goes, we all go. The question is, how will ETH hold up?

  4. I strongly believe that Ethereum is going to be the next big thing in tech. The potential to build decentralised applications that are completely open and transparent is revolutionary.

  5. It’s insane. This Chinese backed currency, China supporting crypto as investments, EIP, etc

    I’ve never legitimately thought $20k was possible in the future but I’m starting to see it. We’re gonna be rich. as. fuck!

  6. ETHBTC got me feelin so rich I splurged on another NFT i’ve been wanting.

    I can definitely see how the defi summer set the ground for the insane NFT flexing we saw that followed. Humans really are just status signaling apes, no matter how intelligent we think we are.

  7. I was masochist enough to take a peek through r/dogecoin after someone else posted about it in here… goddamn, it’s wild stuff.

    From their daily:

    “Bro people keep saying that Doge is kinda a copy off BTC but you know what Doge has that BTC might not? I think its basically guranteed that China owns most of BTC at this point and Doge isnt owned by them I dont think. If people don’t wanna support China or be under there control or whatever…. Who knows. I’m just talking about what Ive read. The gist of what I read was that China owning all of BTC was bad for BTC. They might even be the ones talking shit about Doge online.”

  8. Didn’t realize ENS was actually two different gas transactions. So in order to not have insufficient funds, I lowered the max gas to 93 Gwei for the 2nd transaction. Praying it will execute tonight!

  9. Ok, I’ve decided I’m going to exit my remaining BTC stack to ETH. Will try to find a nice point to do so in the next month.

    Will put me at about 85% ETH 15% ERC-20s.

  10. I finally have enough karma to post here. I was using another account, but due to anonymity reasons I’m switching to this account. I couldn’t have known a random post about how ETH was undervalued would have such a high-impact on my life. This was before staking was a reality and a validator was cheaper than a 10 year old Corolla. Looking forward to the days when a validator is worth more than a private jet. Cheers🍻

  11. There’s so much going on in Ethereum right now. Did you catch that JP Morgan is testing a Quorum-based product with Taiwanese banks?

    No. Because there’s so much other stuff going on it’s crazy. If this happened to any other shitcoin or bitcoin it would be the source of a major pump..

    For Ethereum it’s barely noticed. So fucking bullish

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