Daily General Discussion – April 21, 2021

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This sub is for financial and tech talk about Ethereum (ETH) and (ERC-20) tokens running on Ethereum.

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  1. Anyone excited for the liquidity mining on AAVE? Been wanting to start accumulating aave but havent wanted to swap any ETH for it. This seems like a good alternative.

  2. It’s been four long years, but I LOVE that flippening talk is once again a thing for a whole new generation of eth hodlers.

    Oh, and all OGs from the 2016/17 era know that the proper neutral ratio range is 0.08-0.1 😉

  3. Do any of you guys want a role as a social media manager? I’m hiring, but I thought I would post here because you know crypto. For a fairly well known exchange.

  4. The Ethereum community is exploding and there’s so much going on right now. New people are learning about Ethereum every day and new projects are being developed to make it easier for people to interact with the Ethereum network.

  5. I’m part of various GME-related subreddits and seeing more and more organic mentions of blockchain and how it can help bring more transparency and accountability in the financial markets.

    Posts like these: [](

    I am curious thinking about the possibilities of how Ethereum, as the leading credibly neutral public blockchain, could in the future modernize the financial markets using the blockchain, where for examples stock transactions are immutably listed on a public ledger, settlement can be instant, and a lot of the shady stuff that occurs today (like dark pools) can’t really happen.

  6. Question: i understand the ratio meme because flippening. But what is everybody’s take on the ratio prize side? Wouldn’t everyone prefer 0.1 with a BTC at $100K rather then 0.1 right now?

  7. I’ve never parted with a single ETH since I first obtained the very vast majority of it in early 2016. I’m considering converting a relatively small % to USDC. Is there a much more optimal way to do this than maybe using matcha?

  8. I feel like this pump could’ve been much stronger only if Bitcoin wasn’t on the brink of falling beyond a cliff, or maybe this PA is exactly because BTC is falling behind. Nonetheless the ratio has been exceedingly strong, even sentiment is starting to change even among BTC communities.

  9. Hardware wallets: I like the security, but getting sick of the Ledger Nano S interface to scroll through a long list and then double press to confirm. Do the Ledger Nano X or Trezor Model T make working with DeFi (via Metamask) much smoother, say one click / touch after confirming?

  10. What is everyone’s portfolio strictly in terms of ETH and BTC? I have smaller positions in other alts, but I’m like 95% ETH and 5% BTC. Obviously most people here are going to be ETH maxis, I’m just trying to get a sense of what a healthier balance might be.

  11. So I’ve been playing the ratio by being short WBTC and long ETH on Compound. As the ratio has risen, I’ve been selling off some ETH I have on the side to keep my overall crypto exposure around nil while remaining long the ratio. I’m about to reach the point where I won’t have any more spare ETH to sell unless I want to cash out the ETH I have in Compound, which is a bit expensive with current gas fees. What are some cost effective ways for me to keep my crypto exposure around nil if the ratio continues to rise?

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