Daily General Discussion – August 22, 2021

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  1. Shilling my bags here, but telling more people about this will actually harm me, because more capital = lower interest rates:

    Tokemak ($TOKE) launched a couple weeks ago with private farming. Single-sided public farming just opened up yesterday for both ETH and USDC. APR is currently 34% and 48% respectively. Probably won’t stay that high for very long, but if you’re not doing anything else with your coins anyways, might as well earn some TOKE. (no IL, since it’s just a single asset deposit)

    Standard caveats of smart contract risk, hacks, and rug pulls apply, however the team seems pretty well respected in the cryptosphere, and looks to be building something worthwhile.

    This is ~~not~~ financial advice.

    EDIT: currently downvoted to 0, 4 hours after posting. Toke is $32 at this very moment, and I’m gonna link back to this comment next week after it’s featured on Bankless and the price moons. Can’t say I didn’t try!

  2. Should i just liquidate more of my stocks to increase my ETH even more? Stock portfolio has been gathering dust the past 8 months. QCOM / TSMC holding are -6%. Next ETH run could really put that money to work.

    I have a emergency cash fund and dont really need the stock holdings. Just frustrsted with the lackluster performance of my stocks. Got to put that money into something with far better performance.

  3. With btc about to break 50k, does anybody else feel ETH is on the verge of pumping past its previous ATH straight to 5k ?

    Weve been range bound for 2-3 weeks. Thinking of adding to my stack. The rest of August and next month is going to be great for ETH.

  4. It used to be that BTC would always pump before ETH. It was because a lot of new money entering crypto went to BTC first. But ETH would eventually catch up because smart money would play the ratio game when ETH got too undervalued compared to BTC.

    I hear so many newbs asking about Cardano that I wonder if it’s the new “pump first” coin? It would make sense. I just don’t know with staking if ADA smart money is as likely to switch horses in a ratio-driven move.

Need some guidance: Can’t decide whether to be a gamer, a miner or a scalper.

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