Daily General Discussion – July 15, 2021

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  1. Let me get this straight… if i stake in lido and get steth and its 5.5% interest there, and then take it to curve and stake it there and get 2.88% base interest plus rewards apy, and then move it to the yearn vault and get 4.73% interest, do i get interest at all 3 places? Just want to make sure. Is there anywhere to see the accrued interest?

  2. NFT art market is heating up. Makes me hopeful for a continued crypto bull market.

    I’m ultimately more bullish on ETH so hit my ‘must sell’ value when one of quite recent buys started to rival my staking balance. I think I’ll end up regretting it.

    Fidenza, can’t link the specific piece without doxxing myself.

  3. Hey yall, not sure if this is appropriate (reverse brigading?) but loopring is pretty quiet and my few random posts make up the plurality of content.

    I don’t even give a shit about lrc really but if you’re interested in zks the sub is run pretty well. I’d honestly just like to have someone else to talk about lrc with.

  4. I do apologize for not keeping up with the ETFs ya’ll, I took up weekday drinking and it sorta fell off.

    I’ll do a 1M update shortly and maybe get back on it, if it seems like there is movement that is worth it.

  5. [](

    *”Chart looks like shit, I’m pretty sure this thing is going below $50 in the next few months.”*

    – probably someone on reddit on 16th of July, 2017

    We all know what happened next. Point being, nobody knows shit in this market. Every single bear prediction I’ve seen so far was based on some moving averages being broken and weak overall price action in the past 2 months. Which can reverse in a blink of an eye.

    So what’s the difference between perma bulls and bears on this forum?

    When moonbois arrive on pump days and call for $100k ETH, I find their motives honest and kind of adorable, they just want their bags to moon so they can buy a lambo and shit on some desks.

    But when bears call for another 3-year bear market, they want you to sell the bottom so they can rebuy lower / get out of their short in profit. They make it look like they have your best interests in mind, but very few do.

    And when this thing inevitably reverses and we go back to making new ATH after ATH and you are left waiting on the sidelines in cash, they gonna tell you some BS like *”i never said i’m not long term bullish, bro”* or *”i’ve seen this reversal coming from miles away, bro”*

    Tl;dr. Just hodl, those desks aren’t going anywhere.

  6. Bitcoin Maximalism is a complete clusterfuck right now.

    Pomp says Bitcoin is DeFi (and already has DeFi)

    Jack is going to build DeFi on Bitcoin

    And Saylor says Bitcoin is the best because it doesn’t have all this fancy stuff on it

  7. The last bull market was over 12 months.

    This one was what? 6 months? People really believe this is the end of the bull cycle(and not that we are in a double-peak cycle like 2013)

    I am still a firm believer in extended cycle theory. We could go sideways until early 2022 then start our next move up.

    One thing crypto taught me. People are NOT interested in waiting and have the patience of literally a squirrel. This is why most people in this space make poor returns. People flock to crypto because its seen as a get rich scheme.

    Its not. Once we shakeout the meme-coiners, the people who just got in for a quick buck, and those who are unable to hold an asset for longer than 12 months is when we will begin moving back up IMO


    I can wait years. No problem. I will just continue my life as if my crypto holdings dont even exist.

  8. is there someone or something that tracks major wallet holdings compared to what we think are retailers. I assume it is hard to do as institutions can put BTC and ETH in other wallets?

  9. There is too much greed in the air for this to be a bear market. In a bear market, people just go away, volume is low, and even hardcore believers doubt their investment thesis.

    What I am seeing right now is an excess of greed of shorters who want lower prices to buy back cheaper. Compare this to the real last multi year bear, this was not the attitude in this sub last year for example.

    Also, opening a Short at these prices after a 60% drop is absolute insanity. It’s equally as risky and shortsighted/gamble as opening longs when hitting ATHs. The time to have opened shorts was at ATH for the May crash, or a couple weeks ago on the local tops. Not a the bottom of the range.

  10. It’s pretty interesting to see corporations getting into the DeFi space. First with Coinbase trying to create an “App Store”, or a platform for DeFi apps, and now we have Jack trying to create a platform on god knows what (Lightning Network? RGB smart contracts isn’t even complete on it lol. RSK? seems a lot more likely, and doable right now if necessary)

    My money is on Coinbase being able to create a far superior product because they know the technical ins and outs, connections with developers, etc compared to Square. I’m still unsure how Coinbase will do this, and how they’ll extract profits in a decentralized world, unless they intend to create or buy out some of these apps, and extract fees from usage.

  11. **On This Day in r/ethfinance Daily Discussion History**

    1 Year Ago – July 15, 2020 – 653 comments (ETH ranges between $236 and $241 and a high of .02603 on the ratio)


    > u/gentrify81: Bought a house today… crypto assets actually helped with a lot of the costs. Thanks Ethereum! [[1](]


    > u/DCinvestor: I try to buy the most ETH when it feels most neglected and taken for granted by the greatest number of people…

    > …and I have been buying an awful lot of ETH in the past couple of weeks. [[2](]


    > u/Best_coder_NA: Welcome to Crabthereum 🦀 [[3](]


    > u/yeahdave4: We’ve been going sideways for a little less than two months.

    > Do you know how long we went sideways last time before the lunacy started? 6 months. For **6 months** we were stuck seesawing between 200-300. Back and forth. Back and forth. Then… Suddenly it snapped. In **6 weeks** we hit 1400! That’s nearly an increase equal to the current price each week. In one week alone Eth went up $400. In one week! It was utterly preposterous. Total delirious mania.

    > Eth was a baby then. What’s on the horizon now will blow that away. [[4](]

  12. Had an interesting shower thought about a social attack using taxes.

    Suppose I create a new token with an artificially high price. Let’s say circulating supply of 1, total supply of 1 million. As the token creator, I do some small exchanges to seed the price with a value of $1000 each.

    Then, I “gift” the entire supply to an address I want to attack. Since airdrops are income, and cost basis is at the time of acquisition, they would theoretically owe income tax on the artificially high price ($1 billion!). They could sell those tokens, but there’s 0 liquidity (and even if there was, capital losses don’t typically offset income).

    Ergo, they would effectively owe taxes on $1 billion of income.

    Obviously this is a contrived and exaggerated example, but is this type of hypothetical attack possible?

  13. I know we just had, and might still be in the middle of, a huge bull run. But I swear smaller and smaller price swings are garnering larger and larger overreactions in this sub. I have to assume it’s because there is a new generation of hodlers deep in the red, but interesting none the less.

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