Daily Option Statistics for SPCE, AMC, GME, CLOV, DNUT, BABA, SOFI, AAPL, WISH, NEGG, and others.

Hey everyone,

Here is the options statistics for the day. A pretty boring day; the biggest losers were SPCE (-7%) and AMC (-4%), while the largest gainers were DNUT (+6%) and BABA (+3%).

Below are the option statistics for the day.



# AMC:


# GME:



















# BB:



As always let me know if I forgot anything. I will be back on in an hour or so to check up on this.

Until next time, best of luck in your investing!

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  1. According to my TD account, 148% of SOFI float is shorted (this was June 16th) This is making my dreams of financial independence more difficult than I would like. My girlfriend actually called me a bag holder the other day. FUCK ! Which one of you guys taught her that?

  2. $clov has 105% institutional ownership. Plus it’s short 36%. Apes keep buying it will moon! The institutions already did all the hard work buying the whole float.

  3. $CLOV has such high institution ownership and such high short, its a no brainer. Thank God, cause I have no brain. See ya’ll OTW to Valhalla πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

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