($DARK) DARKhorse coin newly added to BSC!

So DARKhorse was created by a dev team of 5 people. We are a group of middle class hard working Americans from California.

Our dream was create a coin with a starting value low enough so that the average middle class person could afford a substantial amount of coin. Then as the community builds and others invest so does the value of the coin. Which will generate wealth for the community as a whole.

The reason we named it DARKhorse is because we feel we are the underdog. We are not hedge fund billionaires or scam artists who give a complicated explanation of how you the investor will profit off of DARKhorse. The DARKhorse legion is the driving force of this community. The community decides the direction of the coin.

We are essentially a coin build by the people for the people. We believe people are willing to bet on themselves! If the community really does come together we can create something truly special.


Presale rate= 1 bnb =100 billion $DARK

Pancakeswap list price= 1 bnb= 3 billion dark

Soft cap= 50 bnb

Hard cap= 100 bnb

Burn %= 50%

Presale % = 10%

% left after presale and burn= 40%




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