Day 12 of Unresolved Coinbase Case #06617751 – USDT Transfer Pending (No Transaction Hash)

Coinbase is holding my funds hostage on the Coinbase Pro exchange by prohibiting the withdrawal of my USDT made on 06/21/2021 to my Coinbase Wallet. This elapsed time does not include the additional days the USDT has resided on the Coinbase Pro exchange prior to my withdrawal attempt.

My USDT (in the thousands of dollars) has been held hostage now for 12 days since my failed withdrawal attempt was restricted by Coinbase.

Currently, my withdrawal is stuck in the “Pending” state and has been placed in “Holds on orders” on Coinbase Pro without a “Transaction Hash” having been provided.

Attempts seeking resolution with Coinbase are as follows:

(1) On 06/21/2021, opened Coinbase Case #06617751

(2) On 07/02/2021, opened Coinbase Complaint #06715929

NOTE: (1) A courteous amount of days (11 days in total) was given to Coinbase to resolve Coinbase Case prior to finally filing official Coinbase Complaint. (2) It was also to give Coinbase additional time and an opportunity to release ‘hold’ on ‘pending’ withdrawal to let transaction complete.

Coinbase please act in good faith by bringing resolution to both my open ‘case’ and ‘complaint’.

As a result of the harm this has caused me, I have since withdrawn all my remaining funds from both Coinbase and Coinbase Pro except for this stuck withdrawal that continues to remain stuck on hold by Coinbase.

Absolutely no explanation for prohibiting and holding my withdrawal has been provided to me by Coinbase to this day despite efforts to reach out to Coinbase for ANY answers. Coinbase has demonstrated through my experience that they are unreliable in promptly resolving issues in a timely manner or managing funds overall.

Thank you!


Additional Facts:


As of 07/03/2021, here are the events that have since occurred leading to filing my current OPEN complaint #06715929 against Coinbase:

(1) It has been 16 days since last/final deposit made from my bank via ACH into Coinbase Pro.

(2) It has been 16 days since last/final conversion from USD to USDT on Coinbase Pro.

(3) It has been 12 days since withdrawal of USDT from Coinbase Pro was attempted, subsequently immediately placed into the “Pending” state, and then finally placed in “Holds on orders” without a “Transaction Hash” provided.

(4) It has been 12 days since Coinbase Case #06617751 was opened and has to-date since been unresolved.

(5) It has been 1 days since Coinbase Complaint #06715929 was opened and has to-date since been unresolved.

(6) It has been 1 days (including non-business days) waiting now for “Resolution Notice” to be emailed to me.

(7) Filing for my “Arbitration” date is for now currently pending and dependent upon Coinbase’s response.

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