Dedicated or VPS/Cloud: Recommendations?


i am playing around with setting up a goerli staker system just to be prepared to run a full Eth2 staking node soon.

I have a few questions:

1) I see in howtos that i should run an eth1 node but a lot of people here do appearently stake on small vps servers and only <100 GB SSD Space. Do i want to run an own geth node and if yes, why?

2) These Clients… I would just choose geth + prysm because i like Go. Is there anything wrong with this decsision? Are there better options?

I am running a lot of dedicated servers and VPS/Cloud servers. I know how to monitor hardware and get everything back online when something breaks.

But: VPS is easier to handle and cheaper.

3) Are there any good reasons to run my system on a dedicated server? Which specs?

I know these questions got already answered a few times but i found so many different answers that i am a bit confused and not sure if some information might be outdated.

Thanks a lot…

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