Discussion: Taking advantage of upcoming changes to Ethereum

Likely a better post for r/cc but I find the discussion is much better in this sub. Yesterday we talked about ETH gas costs and if it was worth farming or staking on Mainnet due to transaction costs. I thought it was a great discussion. Based on that and another thread I saw today regarding lowering ETH gas costs, I thought I might start another discussion.

**Topic: How can we take advantage of upcoming changes to the Ethereum Mainnet (London fork) and the 2022 move to PoS to get ahead of coin price moves, changes to DeFi and get ahead of the crowd**

* London fork will make gas costs more predictable and possibly create a marginally lower cost of transacting on the Mainnet
* In 2022 (we hope) change to PoS should put an end to mining and dramatically reduce gas costs and improve stability/speed/costs to transact on ETH mainnet
* Please add what else is in the pipeline

**I am referring not just to liquidity mining and/or staking, but more broadly who will be the winners of the upcoming 12-24 months in the CC and Defi markets. My initial thoughts:**

* TVL on ETH mainnet will explode higher
* While the upcoming changes might be priced into ETH, there will still be buying pressure from those who are totally new to the Defi space
* Increased liquidity and volume on DEXs
* Increased TVL and deposits means lower interest rates and returns
* Likely much more scrutiny from the IRS
* What coins, platforms, projects will benefit from the above
* What will happen to Layer 2 solutions (btw what is happening to MATIC price recently? Is it an expectation Defi’ers will move to mainnet?)

I look forward to the discussion

What do you think?

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  1. Love it! Following to see how it unfolds

    re: Layer 2 solutions, common consensus seems to be “ETH v2’s fees will be lower but can never be as low as L2’s”. However this is starting to sound like wishful thinking more than a sound argument as shown by (1) Matic price action as you correctly pointing out and (2) near-zero fees transforming Polygon into a scammer paradise… (I hope I am wrong BTW, I am heavily exposed to L2 and I am still hoping for a price resurgence)

  2. I think one of the main things people are not mentioning is the introduction of Flashbots mechanism to take the GPA out of the mainnet.

    They’re now available to around 85% of the hash rate and I’m convinced that has been one of the biggest stabilising factors in the gas prices recently.

    I’m not sure of the Flashbot need/role in the staking environment.

  3. Most of this depends on BTCs price. If BTC nukes to 20k then none of this will matter and eth will be under $1000. I do think defi will have regulators try to get rid of them though either way.

  4. One point you did miss out on is the security of the chain, once Eth v2 begin operations and the fees are cheap, we may see some battle tests against the chain and even protocols as seen on other chains.

    We could see some attacks on the protocols.

  5. RPL, since eth will turn in to a ultrasound money that people HODL, they will stake it to get the 2% return.

    But I believe the biggest winner will be ETH, once miners stops selling, exchange supply will dry up causing price to moon. It will be 3 BTC triple halving’s at once. IM loading up on ETH and ETH 2x FLI.

Serious question for all

My ledger got reset and passphrase doesn’t work..