Do mining companies pay Bitmain full cash months in advance for their huge ASIC orders?

Anyone know about this? I can’t make any sense of the resale value of an S19 110 terahash (currently about $20K) when the same $ in gpu’s pays 5X daily (and that is at SCALPER rates for gpu’s). If you want bitcoin out of your gpu swap currency daily. Yet – $20K is indeed the going rate at the moment.

Of course the msrp of an S19 is something more like $5K I believe. The catch is that in addition to being forced to order I think $1.6M minimum order size now – you don’t get product for many months.

Do firms putting in multimillion dollar orders with Bitmain pay full in advance and lose the use of their capital for six months? If so their opportunity cost is huge.

If they only put down 10-20 percent deposits I could understand.

What do you think?

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  1. As it is with any business deal, it’s up for discussion. There’s no one size fits all method, I’m sure some pay immediate, some pay on delivery, some have NET30,60,90,etc. terms.

    And at the end of the day, why does it matter to you? If the same money in GPUs makes more, why are you wasting your time and energy worried about the ASIC people?

  2. Have you looked on aliexpress for used ones? Ive seen some for a couple 1000 but maybe not the model you want. My guess would be, there might be some deals coming if Chinas clamping down on miners there.

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