LameYield is a cross-chain yield aggregation protocol constructed on Binance smart chain. It
provides you the opportunity to earn daily return on your investment as high as 280%.
For some people it might seem as unrealistic return. However, LMY has offered this 280% daily
return on investment, especially for the early birds. LMY is conducting a private sale at its
website. Early investors will be able to enjoy these perks. Investors who provide liquidity in
staking pools will enjoy a DPY as high as 280%. However, this proportion will decrease
consequently as more and more investors participate in providing liquidity in a respective pool.
This proportion can decrease as low as 3-1% return on investment/daily.
If you are considering to avail this opportunity, now might be a good time for this. It is always
beneficial to invest with relatively newer platform with great feature and business values. This
platform cares for the benefit of its users, and try to reach an optimal point where both the
platform and user enjoys ultimate growth. The minimum amount you can provide as liquidity in
one of LMY’s staking pool is 1 BNB which is equal to 6000 LMY tokens.
Besides all this lucrative information, if you still have some concerns about this project. Then
let’s take some time and clear them.
Your most crucial concern at the moment would be LMY being a scam. It could include a rug-
pulls or it could be a Ponzi game.
Firstly, LMY platform is rug-pull protected. Rug-pull is any malicious activity that leads
investor’s investment to zero. LMY ensures that this does not happen to its users through
providing higher security. Also all transaction on LMY is locked on unicrypt.
Secondly. A Ponzi game is basically an investment strategy where funds provided by later
investors are used to pay back previous investors. The return of one investor is depended on the
funds provided by the next investor in line. It is similar to pyramid hierarchy. However, that is
also not the case with LMY. Investors in LMY can provide liquidity in any of the multiple
staking pools at LMY. They can withdraw these funds at any given time. The funds provided by
an investor solely belongs to him.
However, all financial markets are volatile and prone to some malicious threats. This article
does not include any financial advice. Please do you research before investing in any crypto.

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