Doge mining questions and setup!

Well, I decided to post this here because I seen a lot people still ask questions about doge mining. And I will try to answer some questions I seen here in my best abilities.

Solo doge mining: absolutely insanity! Unless you own a mining farm that output crazy hashrate. (Still then probably not profitable VS pool mining)

What’s pool and shares: basically you’re in “pool” with other miners to find a blockchain. Per your hashrate you contribute “shares” to find a blockchain within a pool and once blockchain found pool will reward peers per shares contribution

GPU MINING: its absolutely not profitable to mine dogecoin with gpu because you can make x3 more mining ethereum with gpu on that algorithm. ( or other GPU friendly coins 🪙)

ASIC, basically a computer that designed to only mine crypto currency base on the set algorithm. ( mini doge coin asic) has some for $700

I have GPU and want to mine for doge: I recommend mining for ethereum or any gpu friendly coins algorithm then convert or exchange those to dogecoin.

You can utilize sites like to find out what is the most profitable coin per your rig setup to mine.

Dogecoin pools: yes you can mine for doge with asic on akikapool or use litecoin merge pools. If you’re using merge pool. You then mining for litecoin then rewarded Dogecoin as well as litecoin. So you receive 2 transactions one on your ltc key and other on Dogecoin key. Make sure both your keys are configured in your pool

How much can I make? That is absolutely base on your hashrate speed, higher your hashrate is more coins you can harvest within the mining pool. You can use hashrate calculator to get approximate answer per your hashrate.

If you have other questions regarding mining dogecoin leave a comment below.

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