Dogecoin Co-Founder Sold All Cryptocurrency In 2015 To Buy A Used Honda Civic

One of the creators of the 

Dogecoin cryptocurrency spoke about the fate of the coins at his disposal. Billy Marcus launched Dogecoin with Jackson Palmer in 2013, modifying his Litecoin wallet into dogecoin-qt. He is less public than Palmer and uses the pseudonym Shibetoshi Nakamoto.Markus posted a 

post on Reddit introducing himself to new community members who had joined after the recent skyrocketing cryptocurrency price and told them about Dogecoin’s “true values”. “I can’t believe there are over a million participants here now. When I was active, we had less than 10% of that! ” – he wrote, commenting on the growth in the number of subreddit subreddit r / dogecoin.The developer abandoned the project in 2015 due to online harassment and complaints about the direction of the community. In the same year, he lost his job and got into a difficult financial situation, which is why he decided to sell the cryptocurrency. At that time, Dogecoin was worth about $ 0.0001, and now it is $ 0.07, that is, 70,000% more expensive.“I gave away and / or sold all the cryptocurrency in 2015 after being fired and out of fears about dwindling savings. In total, this was roughly enough to buy a used Honda Civic, ”wrote Markus, adding that he currently does not hold Dogecoin, other than the coins recently donated to him by community members.The developer said that investors turn to him, demanding his activity so that they can get rich. In his own words, because of such contacts, he feels depressed. He also claims that he is unable to understand the predictions of the rise of DOGE to $ 1, since as a result, the comic cryptocurrency should exceed in capitalization “real companies providing services to millions, such as Boeing, Starbucks, American Express and IBM.”“Pumps and dumps, outrageous greed, fraud, intruders, making demands, hype without studying the topic, using others – all this is useless. Worse than useless. As a creator, and some call me “Doge’s Mom”, these things don’t make me angry, they just disappoint. Joy, kindness, learning, giving, empathy, fun, community, inspiration, creativity, generosity, simplicity, ridiculousness – these things make Dogecoin valuable to me. If the community accepts them, it will be a true value, ”concludes Markus. “It’s strange that something I created in a few hours has now become a part of the Internet culture. It’s interesting how Elon Musk talks about this. It seems silly, but this is what is behind the current tremendous rise. “

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