Dogecoin creator put up crypto-dedicated NFTs for sale

One of the two creators of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency has put up for sale non-fungible tokens (NFT) based on the meme cryptocurrency.

“I wanted to try something new, a new platform that allows multiple copies of the same NFT to be released,” wrote Billy Markus, referring to the popular NFT marketplace Rarible.

NFT Dogecoin is an animation of a spinning coin with a meme and a “D” sign. Markus positions NFT as a limited emission and deflation version of Dogecoin – common trends aimed at increasing the value of cryptocurrencies. As you know, the issue of Dogecoin itself is not limited and by today it has already approached 130 billion DOGE.

NFTs have been distributed across three tiers based on rarity. For the first level, 420 NFTs were offered, for the second – three, and for the third – only one. The latter was bought by the user swaggmire, who paid 1.5 ETH ($ 3,800) for him. Subsequently, he put up the same NFT with a starting price of 420.69 ETH ($ 1 million), but then removed it from the sale.

In February, Markus revealed that he sold all DOGEs in 2015 for about $ 0.0001. The money raised was “enough to buy a used Honda Civic.” Since the publication, the Dogecoin price has grown another 10 times to $ 0.73. Probably, he also chose not the right moment for his new promotion, given the declining interest in both NFT and Dogecoin.

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