Hi Shibes,

Just released 1.14.4 with the first step of 2 to fix the fees. The devolopers made a post here:

Take a look.

A last month one of the Dogecoin developers created a post discussing a proposal to reduce dogecoin fees by 100x. You can read more about it in the link below and share your thoughts with the developers on this news.

Welcome to todays Daily Discussion post. You are dogecoin!

Here are some links and topics that people have wanted me to post here recently. Please take a look!


* [Such News! Are we ready for our tipbot keys?](

* [ is a list of many many many places you can spend dogecoin.](

* [Ledger – hardware wallet to keep your coins safe!](

* [Advice from a Gambling Counsellor]( –

* [Looking after your mental health]( –

* [Being aware of scammers](

* [Another Shibe wrote a post about being aware of scams.]( –

* [F@H (Folding@Home) and GitHub are NOT Doge helplines!](

* [From 7 years ago. An open letter to the Dogecoin community from co-founder Billy Markus](

* [Had a few people ask me to mention this petition to get Amazon to accept dogecoin](

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Have fun!



**D**o **O**nly **G**ood **E**veryday

Yesterday’s daily discussion post:

What do you think?

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  1. So many news were talking about doge is on right bullish pattern. We need more volume to execute it.

    Right now, doge is steady and stable around top .29 and low .30. Expecting FOMO buy in and set ready to execute the bullish run.

    Happy Labor Day shibes.


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