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**Invest Confidently on the Binance Smart Chain, Cardano Blockchain, and Beyond!!!**

DogeHouse Capital is the only cryptocurrency project bringing professional digital asset management to meme-based digital currencies on the Binance Smart Chain, Cardano Blockchain, and beyond. At DogeHouse, we believe in investing in puppies with a purpose – not pump and dump “shitcoins”.

DogeHouse Capital is not dependent on our BSC-based native token ($ DOGEX) to succeed. We will launch our native token on PancakeSwap (PCS) in/around mid September, but our project is much more than a typical BSC token.

DogeHouse Capital will also provide our members with an opportunity to purchase wrapped tokens modeled after Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) containing the world’s top cryptocurrencies in a single token! That’s a first in DeFi! More on this below…

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* Swap/DTF: Coming Soon! 📈
* Cardano Bridge: Coming Soon! 🌉

Practical Utility at Launch

At launch, DogeHouse Capital will offer our investors a full suite of dApps including a staking platform and proprietary swap. Check out our thoughts on staking on Medium!

Furthermore, as mentioned above, we will also provide our users with an opportunity to trade the only professionally managed Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) in DeFi called the Doge Traded Fund (DTF).

For years, Wall Street has tried to set-up an ETF for cryptocurrency, but the rigid regulatory nature governing our traditional financial markets has not allowed it to happen. In DeFi, no such regulations exist and tokenized versions that mirror traditional ETFs on Wall Street can be wrapped and traded via our one and only proprietary dApp!

For a limited number of investors, DogeHouse Capital will also offer an exclusive fund managed by us with a focus on the Cardano, Polkadot, and Kusama blockchain(s) and their associated infrastructure for steady annualized returns. Check out our philosophy on digital asset management on Medium!

* Medium: [](

Looking Ahead

There are a lot of “Cardano Rewards” projects hitting the “shitcoin” market these days, but few of them have any appreciation and/or conceptional understanding of why Cardano will revolutionize the industry.

At DogeHouse Capital, we are focused on investing in the future of DeFi – not the past. For this reason, we will focus on the development of our bridge to the Cardano Blockchain following our successful launch on PCS in/around mid-September 2021.

This course of action will provide our members with a practical utility that will enable them to transfer their $ADA pegged to $BNB rewards into the Cardano Native Token (CNT) in anticipation of the coming shift to the Cardano Blockchain.

We have big plans for the future and we want you to be a part of them. Consider investing with us today and pay us a visit!

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