Donut Staking POAP!

We are planning to issue this awesome, shiny POAP badge to everyone that has ever staked donuts!

[Donuts & Steak, the meal of champions.](


In case you’re wondering what a POAP is, it stands for proof-of-attendance-protocol. POAPs are kind of like digital scout badges that reside within your Ethereum account – they are NFTs that are earned for doing certain things or attending certain events. Over time, you might accumulate a bunch of them and it’s cool to look back at your collection over time. Lots more info on POAPs [here]( Bottom line, they’re just fun!


# Eligibility

If you have ever staked your donut liquidity tokens, you will be eligible to claim this POAP in a couple weeks. Some details:

* Deadline to stake is September 15th. We wanted to give everyone a chance to use the next donut distribution for staking if they are interested in this.
* Staking can be done on either Main Net or xDai, we will check both networks for eligibility.
* There is no minimum amount to stake to be eligible. If you’ve staked even a fraction of a donut, you’re in!
* You don’t need to be currently staking. If you have staked at any point, ever, you’re eligible.


# Staking

If you are not familiar with how to add donut liquidity and stake, we can help! Here are the rough steps to stake on xDai:

1. Get donuts on xDai! If you have donuts coming your way in this next distribution, there’s still time to direct your donuts to xDai by putting a comment in [the xDai opt-in thread](
2. Once you’ve got some donuts, head on down to Honeyswap: [](
3. You need to get a 50/50 split of DONUT and XDAI tokens. If you have just a stack of donuts, you need to sell half for XDAI.
4. Next, head on over to the [Pool tab of Honeyswap]( and *Add Liquidity*. Here, there will be two input fields, asking what two tokens you want to put into a liquidity pool. You want to select DONUT and XDAI, and then you select how much. This step requires you to put a 50/50 balance of the two assets in, which is why we sold half in the previous step. (keep in mind you need a couple pennies of XDAI to pay for future gas costs, so don’t put 100% of your XDAI in!).
5. Once your assets are pooled, you will receive a “liquidity token” from Honeyswap automatically. You can think of this liquidity token as like your claim ticket to a parking garage or a coat check. You need this in order to retrieve your DONUT and XDAI from the pool later on. At this point, you are earning fees as trades occur.
6. Lastly, head over to the [Donut Dashboard]( to stake your liquidity tokens. You are essentially putting your claim ticket in this smart contract as proof that you are providing liquidity. The smart contract then pays you DONUTs over time. When it’s complete and successful, you should see a message saying something like “You are currently staking, but don’t have any donuts to harvest yet, come back later.” After a short bit (maybe even right away), that will be replaced by a big fat harvest button. Here’s a [screenshot of me making some donuts]( If you see the Harvest button,


If you get stuck on any of the steps, or have general questions, please feel free to post here. Also if you need XDAI tokens to pay for gas, let me know!

Big credit to /u/kohrts for creating the badge, /u/greenmansavinglives for creating a reusable script to find all eligible addresses, and /u/rustedpopcorn for advising through the POAP distribution process.

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  1. Just two very newbie questions below when you have a chance. Was going to stake all my next distribution and wanted to make sure I did it right.

    On Step#5: when receiving the LP token, was told by another member that we need to make sure and have the UNI-V2 contract address added to our xDai network. Is that correct? And mind re-confirming that correct address?

    Lastly, the donuts that are farmed/rewarded for providing liquidity, does that come out of the donuts that are set aside for people providing liquidity (think it’s like 50k or 100k)?

  2. Just a little bit ago, I successfully staked a very small amount as a test run before I stake my next distribution. Am sure this has been asked already but we can add to an already staked balance, correct? Just repeat the provided steps and once we have additional LP tokens in our wallet, the donut dashboard will allow us to add those LP tokens to our current amount staked?

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