Donuts coming and so many don’t have a wallet this may help you set it up.

So this is a little help for anyone who has not set up the wallet, firstly I would like to shout out to the Mods as I had a few problems setting up my wallet for Xdia and they helped a lot especially u/Basoosh

So first thing you need to do is get on a PC (you can turn an android into a virtual PC to do this also just remember to write everything down) and click on the side saying register for donuts, it will ask you to install the MetaMask browser extension which is very handy as it can connect to a lot of sites. Then you need to set up your wallet with MetaMask make sure you write down your seed phrase, then you connect your wallet and verify the process you went through on reddit to connect the wallet once you have done this GREAT you can now get donuts on Mainnet. Here is the donut dashboard walk through with pictures [](

[]( here is the reddit post showing this all and also check out the screen shot to see what it looks like.

Now one issue some have is to get these donuts you have to pay gas and obviously people love to share the peak price but if you watch the gas you can make sure its at its lowest before you do. OR you can set up the distribution to go through Xdia so it does not cost you a penny. Now this is where I struggled so I will do the best.

now you need to read about adding Xdia to MetaMask and then adding donuts as a token all here []( and []( for the walk through. keep checking the faucet to get your 0.01 xdia it is filled like twice a week and took 3 days for me to see it with funds.

now you have done everything needed you then need to post in this comment thread to start getting them on xdia. [](

one thing to mention if you get stuck at any point get on here go to the daily discussion or here and ask I did the same and had help from the mods that made the process a lot easier. you have to be a member of this sub for over a month before you can start to receive donuts so get going ASAP to be eligible for future distributions.




u/urmumgaee and [u/Jake123194]( are great guys have helped and seen very helpful posts from all these guys and more but this list would be too long if I did everyone. And these are the ones I see the most.

here is the post from u/jake123194 who explains the xdia set up in a lot better detail with pictures to help too including info on the liquidity pool so you can earn even more donuts


Good luck to you all and I hope we see a nice surge in wallets and new people her

Edit: also make sure you stake your donuts to earn passive income every day it’s crazy high APR too

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  1. Wow I got a notification this had 5 upvotes about 25 mins ago I saw 7 when I looked its now on 1 some very salty people here do say if you object to this post I don’t understand why you would downvote something that could help newbies and people who just didn’t know this ???

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