Electrum Equivalent of Ethereum in 2021?

There’s other threads on this but they’re mostly from the last bull run and not with satisfying answers.

I’m coming over from BTC and want to hold some Ethereum via a desktop application. With BTC, I just have the Electrum wallet, which is open source and downloaded on my computer. And if my computer explodes, I can still access my coins again via the mnemonic key.

With Ethereum, there’s so many different wallets, and a bunch of them seem to be tied to a particular website/centralized point of failure. I just want something open source and that I can access, isn’t via some centralized point of failure (i.e. if all the developers of the wallet died, I can still access my money), and can access again via a mnemonic key if my computer dies. What’s is the best option?

What do you think?

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  1. I suppose the most recommended, trusted and easiest option would be a hardware wallet eg ledger or trezor. You could also make an offline paper wallet through MyEtherWallet and only access the private key through an offline device.

Isn’t the 900 validators per day entring/exiting validators a bit low?

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