End of Summer SFM Exchange on 12/09/2021 (September 12, 2021)

Now that we know the SFM exchange will be released at some point during the summer (per the recent article where John states it), I think it’s time to start connecting some dots.

I don’t think that 12/09/2021 means December (how dates are written in America). In fact, I think this date and the big “December reveal” that John has alluded to are different things.

If you look at the northern hemisphere specific dates of “summer” for the year 2021, it comes up with June 20-September 22. And that 12/09/2021 date would fall right in line with the timeframe.

For some reason, I haven’t really seen these dots being connected, so I’ll try to piece this one together.

What do you think?

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  1. If the hoard theory is correct then a lot of the wallet, exchange, and blockchain were 60-70% done already. I know Papa is a magician but a March to July and already have a wallet is crazy fast.

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  3. I disagree but not in the way you might think. Per some of the hints, I don’t think the 9/12/21 date has anything to do with the blockchain or exchange. So in that sense I think August or September is reasonable. One of the Facebook posted picture hints featured a color code and other numbers. The color code was coffee. The other numbers have been theorized to be coordinates for Nigeria, which I don’t believe to be correct. The other theory was it was a code (like ASCII) for the word Pheonix. I think Operation Pheonix is being released in December, or September.

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