Ero Finance is the cryptocurrency taking over all the untapped market of Hentais

With the adult projects/tokens being the in thing at the minute within CRYPTO, let me introduce to you $ERO, or u/EroFinance.

A project which is going down the road of the untapped market of hentai which has a huge following in the Asian Market.

Ero Finance has a fully doxxed dev who has a wealth of knowledge in the field of hentai and also from a crypto background.

CURRENTLY at a tiny Market Cap of under 10k you will never have a better opportunity to 1000x your investment.


• Smart contract: 0x89c79ea0d1bef4ad52400b67396e496412905068

• Total supply: 100 million EROs

• Burned amount: 30 million EROs

• Circulating supply: 70 million EROs

• Amount held by the Dev team: 5%

• Amount held by the Marketing team: 5%

• Amount burned in percentage: 30%

• Community dedicated amount: 60% to be traded + 30% burned = 90%

Come join the telegram group

And speak to the Dev for yourself ERO is not a meme token and has a huge potential to tap into a huge hentai market, being also a potential 1000x.

Check out the roadmap and tokenomics on the official website and feel free to chat with the dev on the Telegram group

Also, check their Twitter on

Telegram (

Ero Finance | 🇬🇧

The whole world is Ero. And so are we.

This is the official Telegram Group for Ero Finance.

What do you think?

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