Erroneous 2FA Notifications

On Friday August 27, from 1:45pm PST to 3:07pm PST, Coinbase sent roughly 125,000 customers erroneous notifications that their 2FA settings had changed. This was the result of an issue with our notification system, not the result of malicious behavior.

Our teams immediately recognized the problem and worked as quickly as possible to ensure these erroneous notifications were stopped and the underlying issue fixed.

We’re laser focused on building trust and security into the crypto community so that the open financial system we all want is a reality. We recognize that issues like this can hurt that trust.

We will continue to work to gain back the trust of every one of our customers who was impacted by those notifications.

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  1. I did not get this email but noticed last night that my 2FA was turned OFF. I did not make that change.

    I’ve asked support about this and their response was to lock my account for 48 hours. I verified my ID as requested but want to know how this happened and why I need to wait 24 hours to access my money.

    Been a CB user since 2012 and will be closing this account once this is resolved.

  2. its been a week now and I am still locked out ..

    Our records indicate your account was accessed on 2021-08-26 from the IP, using a Windows 10 device. This IP authenticated with your password, your 2FA security codes and the device confirmed via hyperlink sent to your email. This means the attacker had access to your password, 2FA security codes and email to conduct this activity. Using these compromised credentials, they were able to initiate the following external send:

    2021-08-26, 00:34:08 PDT – -0.00174555 BTC –

    2021-08-26, 00:24:01 PDT – -281.580021 ADA –

    Moreover, to complete our security review, we need to verify your identity.

  3. Got the erroneous email, text message and in-app notification…never even got a followup that it was sent out by mistake. Have used Coinbase for years with what I consider substantial volume. Direct Messaged them on Twitter and don’t even get my tweet acknowledged, while I see blue check mark individuals get responses from BOTH CB support and the COO!

    As a user and shareholder this is just so disappointing cause in a emerging industry like this all it takes is an issue coupled with poor customer support that will force people to leave a platform forever. And now with so many alternatives, ones that even take credit card, there’s not much need Coinbase serves for the retail investor.

    Just sad.

  4. DO NOT TRUST u/coinbasesupport AT ALL!!! They just cleaned out my Coinbase wallet. I fell for it. I legitimately thought it was Coinbase support and they gained access to my wallet. Cleaned out$2,200. I have a shit ton of screenshots. I feel foolish, but damn the assholes did a good job really making you feel like they were legitimately Coinbase. They pose with live chat, have you “stay active”, show you status screenshots and have You transfer within your own accounts. Unfortunately, one of those accounts is the Wallet and they are already in there so as you move money over they just pull it right the fuck out and have the balls to tell you to add more. “500 more dollars will get everything fixed and your stuck funds will move through.”

  5. I would still recommend for everybody to proceed with individual arbitration. That takes place of personal matters portion for everyone in the group. I feel it’s necessary to step up and get public attention and justice for what has taking place, not just for our own personal bank roll.. But ensuring that this does not happen to anybody else. Also that Brian Armstrong and Coinbase pay for their wrongs whether the findings are that this occurred from gross negligence or deliberate robbery.. a multi-billion dollar company such as Coinbase has no reason operating while profiting off of what has caused life-devastating financial circumstances to their customers. And this can potentially be done by signing our petition for the Attorney General and Department of Justice to conduct a thorough forensic audit on all of Coinbase financial records. The legwork has now been done for you and there is no longer the need to have everyone write an individual letter to the AG although this can be helpful to the cause also. All You need to do is click a button to sign our petition and help bring Justice for us all. Do it for the group and for those who we can help avoid this nightmare. Sign today or.. if you’re not ready to help others, Exit stage left, and get out of this group created to help.

  6. Why did I receive $ 1000 and it looks like others only got $ 100?

    You just received0.020132 BTC (£722.74 GBP)Coinbase just sent you 0.020132 BTC. Your transferred currency is available immediately, and you can view transaction details in your Coinbase account.Attached message:This is an Admin credit related to the 2FA notification

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