Eset: 50% of respondents started using cryptocurrency after the pandemic

Eset poll confirmed the start of mass adoption of cryptocurrency in the United States. What other financial products are American citizens interested in?

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the financial habits of residents of the United States. This is evidenced by data from a survey conducted by Eset, a representative of the Internet security segment.

Study participants – 2,000 users from the United States. Attention is drawn to the massive adoption of cryptocurrency by residents of the country. The greatest interest in bitcoin and other digital assets is shown by citizens aged 35-44 years. In this age group, every second person interacts with cryptocurrency.

65% of respondents confirm that they use at least one fintech application. Mobile and online banking is in demand among 85% of the population, while 15% of Americans use exclusively Internet services without visiting the offices of financial institutions. 14% of the respondents state that they were unable to replenish deposits in cash or checks, as before.

Recall that due to a sharp deterioration in the economic situation, US residents are increasingly redirecting their savings to precious metals and cryptocurrency. The behavior of citizens does not suit the government, which, according to Ray Dalio, may impose a ban on such operations.

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