ETH 2.0 technical skills

Hi everyone, ethereum noob here from the technical side. I want to become a blockchain engineer and sepcifically a developer for ethereum. I need to start from scratch essentially (I only know how to code in python) since the language I know doesn’t seem very relevant.
My question is, will the technical knowledge needed to become an ethereum developer change once eth2.0 is rolled out?
More sepcifically, if I start learning solidity and other technical skills needed, will they be obsolete with the launch of eth2.0 or can I feel comfortable going ahead and getting to work learning this stuff?

What do you think?

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  1. Go work on DappNode. It’s a platform to make all bloclchains more decentralized with nodes and dapps. If you’re familiar with Linux, networking, Ethereum, or any dapps it’s all there. It’s the most robust and open design space in my opinion. Think of making the cryptocurreny equivalent of Android.

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