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Apologies for the longish post, but this is a result of a comment I posted on another post but thought this is probably a discussion on its own.

Thanks for the write-up By a redittor [[other OP Link](] who raised a valid point about why market cap of large companies is not a valid comparison and he used Apple’s $2 trillion as an example. He/She rightly pointed out the obvious – that people definitely wondered about, but no one talked about till now, myself included.

It is thought provoking so I am thinking here in black and white here [thinking aloud]:

> MARKET CAP IS A WRONG COMPARISON – we use market cap because that’s what we are used to. So comparison with Apple’s market cap of $2 Trillion USD is merely what the old economic thinking is limited by. This is also because the Old Hats do not understand and some do not want to accept the enormity of what Ethereum is.

> MAYBE AN ‘INDUSTRY’ COMPARISON – to do this we need to zoom out from a company to industry level i.e. what is an industry worth? Because Ethereum is not merely an entity/organisation that produces and sells products or services. Rather it is a technology to facilitate multiple industries – hence has much larger impact. Based on this logic comparison could be with the largest global industry and currently that is Financial Services with a total global revenue of $22.5 Trillion USD.

Now we are talking some sense, but wait …

> MAYBE A ‘COUNTRY GDP’ COMPARISON – In fact Ethereum does not even have a product or services that can be limited to one industry or an industry group – it transcends across ALL industries. It provides a common platform for all industries. Therefore, IMHO 🙏 it should not even be compared to one single industry or a group of industries, because it transcends the industrial boundaries due to Ethereum’s very nature and characteristics of it being a platform. But even more so, because Ethereum provides what only a Nation can and does provide and no industry can provide – A CURRENCY OF ITS OWN – ETHER 😍. Therefore, a more appropriate comparison may actually be with the largest National GDP in the world of USA with $20.49 Trillion USD.

How do you guys think Ethereum is fairing so far, because I am not done yet 😀

> COMPARISON WITH THE GLOBAL ECONOMIC REVENUE OF ALL 194 COUNTRIES TOGETHER [no maybe here] – So along with all other reasons above, my simple reasoning to extend the comparison THIS FAR, is that ETHEREUM PROVIDES WHAT NO COUNTRY CAN

Therefore, the only worthy comparison IMHO 🙏 is to do with the value of the Global economy of all 194 countries together by revenue of $93.86 trillion USD 💪💪💪

Disclaimer: the $$ quoted above are simple Google searches and are for indicative comparisons only so I have not cited any sources.

What do you think?

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