Ethermine to Polygon didn’t make it :(

I decided to switch over to Polygon since I reduced my card count recently. Prior to this I’d been doing the standard ETH deposit and never had an issue. Just switched over after adding MATIC to MetaMask and adding the wrapped ETH but Polygon’s showing the transaction never took place. The balance just shows dusting of MATIC from the MATIC faucet. Does it sound like something might have went wrong when they flipped me over and my funds are gone?


What do you think?

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  1. I’ve had this before, and in fact my most recent payout is also showing as not having taken place on Polygonscan.

    It happened a couple of weeks ago, and it sorted itself after a day or two. From memory the payout page on Ethermine was updated and pointed to a new transaction which did appear on Polygonscan. I’ve had 19 Polygon payouts from Ethermine, most of them have been fine, not sure what it causing the occasional issue.

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