Events in Afghanistan are a catalyst for US cannabis legalization

Alright folks! Many of you are familiar with US cannabis legalization process. You probably bought into companies, enjoyed some crazy rides or left hanging the bag.

The **prospect for US legalization is uncertain** but I want to point your attention to **one big and seemingly unrelated event: what’s happening in Afghanistan**.

**FACT: Afghanistan is the global top supplier of drugs (incl. cannabis)**
Afghanistan is the top producer of heroin. More importantly for this DD, Afghanistan is also likely the top producer of illegal cannabis. Picture below (source: UN) ranks it as #2 but is likely an underestimation: much of the illegal cannabis reportedly sourced from Pakistan/Lebanon/Spain/other is actually coming from Afghanistan.

**THESIS: The US will rather legalize than increase import of illegal cannabis from Talibans**
With the NATO leaving Afghanistan, drug production is likely going to increase. If the US government takes no action, some of it is likely to flow to the US. This will inevitably put pressure on legalization. **Would the US government prefer its citizens to buy homegrown (and taxed) cannabis, or finance the Taliban regime by buying its cannabis?**

# TLDR: Great time to buy cannabis stocks

What exactly? Up to you, this DD is not about individual companies. For transparency I personally like and own positions in ETFs (MSO) and selected US players both small (e.g. CHALF) and large (e.g. CRLBF). Given this DD, I am now going to increase my positions.

Obviously, no financial advise, just my thoughts, let me know yours!


Sources: most numbers come from the UN World Drug Report 2021

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  1. [](

    this is the reason everyone wants to occupy Afg. The Opium and Hash or weeds are going to banned soon. With the above mines and minerals, there will be chances that US Companies will strike deals with Taliban to get these items. As they did with OIL Pipeline and fund their operation as result. it will be the same as long as the terrorist group listen to us.

  2. Afghanistan produces canabis, however it is no where near the global top producer. California is the top producer of both legal and illegal cannabis in the US.

    The graph you provided is specifically for resin, which is a subset of the market as whole.

    I agree with your statement that this means big things for cannabis, but mostly because of the impact that this will have on the herion industry.

  3. It just means Purdue pharma and Bayer’s poppy fields for opiates won’t be guarded by the US military anymore.

    Don’t be fooled. Pharma just ain’t paying us to be there cuz oxy’s just don’t sell (cough, get prescribed by pill mills / crooked docs, cough) like they used to *tear

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