EverGold Chain – $EGOLD / 10% BNB Reward – BuyBACK – Hight Potential to 100x 1000x Long Term Token / πŸ”’ Liquidity Permanently Locked – βœ… Verified Contract

Welcome to EVERGOLD Chain $EGOLD

πŸ”’ – Liquidity Permanently Locked

πŸ”‘ – Ownership Renounced

βœ… – Verified Contract

πŸ›• – Ownership Renounced

🚨 – Fair Launch on 12th August. 18:00 UTC πŸ•”


**EVERGOLD** Chain **$EGOLD** is the most advanced charity-based BEP20 token to come in 2021, you won’t want to miss it. But what could possibly be original at this point, with new tokens popping up in what seems like minutes?

At EVERGOLD Chain, we pride ourselves on the original innovations that we are able to bring to the market. Buybacks are used for liquidity instead of SafeMoon’s anti-liquidity method, you can have tokens auto-withdrawn at any amount with no time delay, or even pause auto-withdrawals altogether. Meanwhile our anti-whale solutions allow massive whales to purchase, while being forced to wait days to fully sell, helping to ensure the small guys always win.

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πŸ€Fees are only ever charged when EverGOLD is sold, never when bought. This helps to make investing easier for those without massive buying power.


10% automatically distributed to holders in BNB

6% to the automated buyback wallet

1% to Binance Charity


🌈**Instant Automatic Rewards**

Instead of waiting 60, 30, or even 10 minutes for your rewards to get sent to you, automatically have them sent to you as soon as they surpass your defined threshold. Update your threshold, manually withdraw, or even pause automatic withdrawals all from our custom DApp dashboard.


Buybacks are an automated feature of EVERGOLD, which cannot be modified, withdrawn from, or destroyed by anybody other than the token contract. Our buyback system constantly swaps WAGYU for BNB, and when reaching a threshold set by our buyback status bot it will buy half of it back, burn half of the swapped tokens, and then proceed to use the remainder for liquidity.

🐳**Anti-whale Solutions**

Our anti-whale solutions have been thoroughly tested to ensure that large whales are entirely incapable of crashing the market, while allowing smaller investors to join in with any amount. By locking an accounts total sales within 24 hours to 0.1% of the total supply, we are able to limit the amount of market fluctuation that can be caused by any one investor.


**Initial Liq:** 10 BNB
**Payback:** 3% of each transaction
**Redistribution:** 2% of each payment
**Continuous burn:** 2% of each transaction
**Marketing wallet:** 2% of each payment
100% rugproof Smart Contract

**Total Suppy:** 1.000.000
**Pancakeswap Liquidity:** %80.1
**Private Pre-sale:** 9.9%
**Binance Charity:** 5%
**Marketing Budget:** 4%
**Frees:** 1%

$EGOLDCHAIN Token Information
**Symbol:** $EGOLD
**Blockchain** : BEP20
**Total Supply :** 1,000,000
2% Reflect to holders
6% Buy Back
1% Operations
9% BNB Reward






Logo & Web Design

Private Pre-Sale

Marketing Campaigns

Influencer Advertisements

Community organic growth

Obelisk Audit

White Paper




Liquidity Pair Creation

Earnings/Rewards UI

PancakeSwap Trading

CoinGecko, CMC Application




Update Roadmap

Submissions (Trust Wallet, PCS, etc.)

CEX Applications


Stake, Yield, Farm, Lotto.



BNB Rewards redistristribution relies heavily on volume, trading and transactions. This means that if volume was to ever be depeleted and run down, the rewards/redistribution will begin to dry up. the rewards/redistribution will begin to dry up. the rewards/redistribution will begin to dry up.

EVERGOLDCHAIN is ensuring that the rewards continue to flow through a β€˜Rewards Pool’. An added tax that gets stored away in a Contract and is able to fund the Rewards Contract (Redistribution) when volume is generally low


**Community Driven**

A marketing wallet is setup to ensure EGOLD is constantly being promoted on all Social Media Platforms. The community is given the power to vote for any and all transactions from this wallet.


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