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What are your guys dreams and goals when SafeMoon blows up? I want to have my own personal gym, travel to Brazil🍑, and make millions more on stocks, real estate, and have a grand gesture “f*** you” to all the naysayers who doubted safemoon and me. I would love the participation because I’m sure like me, you guys have either came from an abusive environment, unfortunate life circumstances, just want money, invested early/later, or just want to secure a better future. You guys continuously support each other and not to make this a validation/support thread but I am introverted and had to deal with the shitty parts of life early on. I love you all and TIA for participating! Happy 4th of July as well.

What do you think?

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  1. Buy a house, set my daughter up so she never has to worry (though I won’t tell her how much because I still want her to appreciate the value of work). Travel a *lot*. Write my books. Go to the theatre every night. Take my mother to New Zealand because she’s always wanted to go.

    And after that fun stuff, use investments to fund good causes where I live and further afield. This would depend how much Safemoon blew up I guess, but reinvestment should generate more money that can be put to good use. I’m sure I’ll spend loads but I definitely want to do a lot of good with it too.

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