EVGA xc3 ultra 3080 & 3070 Settings

Been using these settings to direct mine ETH during business hours as well gaming gaming hours:

3080; mem +1500, core -300 power 75%

3070; mem +1000 core -500 power 50%

Run Trial: 6 days 24/7 Average 160 Mh/s


Dumb windows update/storm caused the PC to restart.

Miner says total 375W but at the wall is higher due to how wattage and conversions work.


I’ve tried slightly increasing all other settings, safety auto downclock in hashrate and always end up with a incorrect share after several days even though the temps are identical. On my settings sometimes it’ll go up to 163MH/s and drop to 161 but the average is 160 stable and never drops below it.

**I would suggest to slowly adjust settings so you don’t get unlucky and cause damage with an immediate crazy change in settings**.

Best of luck and hope these settings help someone 🙂

What do you think?

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