Fed Could be a Surprise Catalyst for the Markets Next Week

We discussed 2 catalysts for bringing [S&P 500 down to 3800 points here](

Here is the 3rd catalyst that may or may not spook the markets, will see. Next week, the Fed releases the minutes from its last meeting where it revealed it was starting to talk about cutting back on its bond buying. If there are more details, it could move markets.

The Fed’s minutes from its last meeting will be released **Wednesday afternoon,** and there is potential for the market to learn more about the central bank’s behind-the-scenes discussions on winding down its quantitative easing program.

“Our base case is that rates drift higher, but in order to that get that move higher [you need a catalyst to get there](,” said Brian Daingerfield, head of G10 FX strategy Americas at NatWest Markets. “Either the Fed has to move forward aggressively on tapering, or you have to get the data really rocking, and you don’t have either.”

## Week ahead calendar


Independence Day holiday observed


9:45 a.m. Services PMI

10:00 a.m. ISM Services


10:00 a.m. JOLTS

=====> 2:00 p.m. FOMC minutes <=====

3:30 p.m. Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic at National Association of Black Journalists event


8:30 a.m. Jobless claims

3:00 p.m. Consumer credit


10:00 a.m. Wholesale trade

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  1. Printer may not go brrr… but stonks only go up unlike tits.. bruh, take this doomsday shit over to r/investing, this is a casino during the week and the Wendy’s back parking lot on the weekend…

    On a unrelated note: hand-Js are buy one, get one through Monday, Daddy is looking at margin calls Tuesday for being a degenerate retard.

  2. This won’t be a 11% correction. Read the 3rd quarter out look from Betting Resource, they have been spot on calling the market every quarter. According to them it will be just a normal correction before the earning season starts and it will be bull market again and we will see multiple new highs through 3rd quarter for the indices. Growth and nasdaq is expected to gain at higher clip in the next quarter. Silver and Gold are expected to break 2020 august highs and nov calls on gldx and silj are are best plays. he suggested to load up on nov gldx $65 calls at 50 cents or less.

  3. Honestly… this is priced in. I would look towards the next fed meeting end of July and even more importantly the one in September. September seems to be the magic month unemployment runs out. Historically, September has also seen the most down markets. The market is so artificially inflated by the fed that it will, in my opinion, be extremely sensitive to even the slightest hint of hawkishness.

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