Finally a coin with a use case! PiggyBank


🐷🐷Welcome to PiggyBank. PiggyBank is a Yield Farming , Staking Token, That also reward holders with 8% RFI to holders. Earn huge passive income by just holding the token🐷🐷

🚨🚨We have huge plans in motion that involve creating a app to do a all in one from charts, chats, exchanges and security checks for smart contracts right from a all in one application!🚨🚨

‼️Version 2 of the app will have stronger token security such as researching contract launch wallets for past token launches and check for time frames from the launch dates to current dates to pull out potential rug pull contracts and see if transfers are being made from the launch wallets, Each contract search will give a safe % rating back to the researcher!‼️

🔥Presale Next Week🔥


💰Supply : 50 Trillion💰

👍Tax: 3%👍

🎁RFI: 8%🎁

🧨Liqudity: 6%🧨

📢Marketing: 5%📢

👍We here at PiggyBank are tired of all the current issues with security on the BSC, We feel By Launching this App and continuing to make strong changes and growth to the App we will be-able to make the BSC a safer more reliable Decentralized place where we all can feel safe again👍

💻Website: TBA this week

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