Fixing a friends car but only accepting payment in them investing in safemoon

So like many us, We do favours for our friends to save each other money and eventually we do too much to the point that it is needed for some kind of payment. As a mechanic I do so much for friends but never accept any more than beer for payment or exchange for some other service like plumbing, electrical, etc. But today I decided(mostly because none of my friends invest) that from now on, my payment is only going to be that they invest what they were going to pay me into safemoon. I know it’s not a guarantee investment, but I believe in it so much that I want them to join me on the rocket to the 🌙 I would sure hate that my best buds didn’t join us all on the journey.

What do you think?

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  1. This is one of the coolest ways that I have heard of to get people informed on safe Moon and cryptocurrency in general. I applaud your efforts and think that you are a guy that really looks out for your friends. See you on the moon buddy.

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